Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Fake Flowers" by Alexandra Fadeeva (Sasha)

My project is devoted to the museum scandals on the subject of falsification of the works of the Russian Futurists, which were found in some of the Russian museums. There is even a special office album of the falsifications and the list of the forgery artists.

"I secretly placed fake plants and flowers next to the real plants in the flower pots of the museum halls and lobbies. The fake flowers are almost imperceptible to the unsuspicious public eyes, but that's the exact point of the project: Most of the visitors will not notice the difference, in the same way they the cannot distinguish the original paintings from the fake ones. Only the most attentive ones will notice the substitution and think about the difference between falsification and original and about the gap between something alive and dead."

Alexandra Fadeeva (Sasha) /

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