Tuesday, January 1, 2008

St. Pete at Nite

One thing I noticed about people in St. Petersburg on the street is that they don't seem to smile very much. Well, I don't blame them because during the day, the weather is rather cold, gloomy and gray. I was told that's the typical weather during the whole winter. In New York, the winter is at least blessed with the bright warmth of the sun. But here, it seems there's nothing to cheer about in the winter except of course for VODKA! I realized the city really comes alive at night in bars and clubs. After a few shots of vodka, Russians can really open open. They become really friendly and all smiles. So, it was clear to me I had to go out to bars to have an authentic Russian experience. I met a really nice and funny guy called Andrey Sidorov. I thought he looked like Robert Deniro. He was a friend of one of Pro Arte students and for my remaining time in Russia, he became my best friend. Sergey was the king of the night. He knew every underground bars and clubs in town and he kindly showed me all the cool places. I saw some crazy things: people dancing on the table, fights, girls kissing each other, a midget club manager, and lots of drunk and happy people. It was a huge contrast to the gloomy, unsmiling faces during the day.

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