Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thank you!

All students who participated in the seminar. Thank you all for your passion, enthusiasm, patience and heroic efforts you put into the projects.

Jane Lombard, one of the founders and board members of CEC, a passionate patron and promoter of art in Russia and Central Asia. Thank you Jane for having me in St. Pete and letting me stay in your most gorgeous apartment. I hope we'll get to travel again soon. Bishkek was such an amazing experience.

Fritzie Brown, executive director of CEC, New York. Thank you, Fritzie for supporting my collaboration with CEC.

Susan Katz, executive director of CEC, St. Petersburg. Thank you, Susan for inviting me, organizing the program and taking care of my stay.

Anastasia Tolstaya, project manager of CEC, St.Petersburg. Thank you, Nastya for helping me with everything, showing me around and translating the students' text.

Tatiana Bykovskaya, project manager of Pro Arte, St. Petersburg. Thank you, Tatiana for having me for the seminar and for organizing everything so perfectly.

Olga Berg, interpreter. Thank you Olga for doing an amazing job translating everything, putting extra hours and for making everything so easy for me and for the students. I couldn't have been able to do this without you. You're the best!

Anna Bitkina, project manager of CEC, St. Petersburg. Thank you Anna for your assistance, and for spending time with me in St. Pete. It was a lot of fun!

Sasha Suvorkov, project manager of CEC, New York, Thank you Sasha for organizing my trip and making the whole experience very smooth and enjoyable.

Zhenia Stadnik, communication and events manager of CEC, New York. Thank you Zhenia for writing such a lovely article about my work at CEC website.

Andrey Siderov, friend I made in St. Pete. Thank you Andrey for showing me every single underground bar in St. Pete, for giving me the amazing museum tour and for cooking the real Russian breakfast for me. What a fun time!

Droga5, the communication agency where I work. Thank you D5 for giving me support for my personal projects.

Sergei, driver. Thank you Sergei for waiting for me for two days in the airport (my first flight got canceled) and for safely driving me back and fourth.

Monica Hudson, friend and manager at Saatchi & Saatchi. Thank you Monica for your support and for introducing me to Kendal and CEC.

Kendal Henry, artist, curator and a dear friend. Thank you, Kendal for bringing me into CEC family. None of these great trips would have taken place without you.

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Sasha said...

Thank you,Lee, for donating your time and expertise to CEC and sonducting such great workshops in St. Pete! Your friends at CEC ArtsLink.