Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Second Lecture

Next day, I showed the works of different street / public artists. Many images were gathered from the Wooster Collective site. Most of the works were done with very little budget and a lot of creativity. What I like about these projects is that they transform an existing space by introducing a new, simple element which shifts completely the way people perceive the same space.

The traditional public art such as a bronze statue of a politician or a giant iron, abstract shapes usually don't relate to the space they're placed. That's because these pieces are not about transforming a public space, but rather communicating the sponsors' messages which are usually corporate or governmental. By contrary, these unauthorized public installations are artists' individual expressions and their attempts to transform the public space by offering an alternate perception of the same space to the passersby. They're subversions of the reality and challenge the status quo by disrupting the order and sameness. The artists often use humor and mystery as ways to attract their audience.

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